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Brand Management Services & Event Planning. As a full-service event management company, we can handle all your event needs from- concept to completion and everything in between.

"From Pin To Plan"

We work with leading businesses as well as start-ups, to help them push the boundaries of innovation in experiential marketing”
At Creed Entertainment our expertise lies in marketing, public relations, event curation, media and business development!!

We specialize in connecting premium and luxury lifestyle brands with passionate consumers.
We study and promote commercial brands and enterprises to the right target audience and build active market presence as the need arises. We provide mentorship and media plans accordingly, along with performance marketing stargetgies to suit all pockets, Creed Entertainment links both these strategies. We excel in cause marketing, where matching skills and aligning interests across diverse constituents is critical.

Creed Entertainment works on social impact consulting and brand facilitation, dedicated to helping purpose-driven people and companies, high end and luxury, academic and commercial, business houses or nonprofit organizations each to reach their mission statements and acquire the next level of success.

The Creed Connect:

At Creed Entertainment we believe in genuine experiences, trusted engagement, performance marketing and original interactivity. Rapid growth across Asia and increasing affordability in the region has primed India to be one of the largest target markets for luxury brands globally in the next decade. Our influential and socially active set of members and teams are a unique combination of high net individuals and passionate lifestyle connoisseurs located across India and the globe.

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International Legal Alliance


Emirates & Travel Destination

Artist Management

T-Series, Music & Sound and GG talents

Wedding partner

Wedding Come True

NGO partner



Times of India group & local advertising

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Mr.Vikram Baw & Mr.Luv Israni


Celebrity Chef

Mr.Hemant Oberoi




Fashion Stylist

Ms. Shreya & Ms.Juhi

Make up

Mr.Joshwa & Ojas Rani

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